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Approved Snack List

Westfield Intermediate School
  Approved Snack List

"Due to different medical conditions, and for the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone the following list are snacks that can be consumed in the classroom. No exceptions please, unless you speak to the principal or nurse.

*Please be brand specific
*Always check labels as ingredients and facility standards can change.

Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Fruit

(No dipping sauces allowed)

Cheese Sticks/cube (Note: There will not be refrigeration available, so pack in chilled lunch box)

*Gold Fish Crackers (all varieties) Pepperidge Farm brand only (must be in original package, not in baggie)

*Skinny Pop Varieties - Skinny Pop brand ONLY (Must be in original Skinny Pop package, not in baggie)


Spanish version: Lista de Refrigerios Approbados